How to find the RTP of a Slot Game 

Return to Player (RTP), a term used by online casinos, is the percentage of wagers placed on a game or slot machine that will be eventually returned to players.

This article will show you how to calculate the RTP for a slot machine game in an online or brick-and-mortar casino.

What is Return to Player? 

It is calculated as a percentage after analyzing and premeditating games played over a period of time. RTP is the opposite of the “house edge” and refers to the mathematical advantage of the Casino for any of its games. The RTP of a slots is often used by players to decide which to play.

There are many games that have different return rates. For example, low-RTP slot machines can give small payouts over a longer period of time but can provide a large payout to lucky players. You can also find medium-RTP games that offer a good return over a period of time. The high-RTP slot king88 machines will give you a consistent return after a few spins.

Slot machines are often referred to as “returns to player” or “payback percents”. and Return to Player (RTP), both of which refer to the percentage payback for slot machines, are terms that describe the money that a slot machine will payout over time. RTPs are only revealed in these games after thousands of spins or millions. This is the result of a slot’s RNG, which always produces unpredictable results in order to ensure fair gameplay.

Find out the Return to Player (RTP) for Online Slot Machines 

Knowing the RTP percentage for your favorite slots with highest RTP in 2022 will help you decide how and when to wager. Most jurisdictions require that a casino, or gaming establishment, publicly display the RTP percentages of its video slots. Here are some methods to determine an online slot machine’s RTP.

Find out the RTP of individual games 

It is easy to find out the RTP for a particular game. Google the slot machine name and the name or the studio that makes the game. This is true whether you plan to play slot machines in a land-based casino or an online casino. After the game name, add the acronym RTP.

Land-based slots have lower RTPs than online slot machines. They are also harder to locate. According to Nevada Gaming Control Board casinos in Las Vegas must have a RTP of 75%. Casinos may display signboards with 97-99% RTP in a cluster of slots, but only on one machine. Customer service is available 24/7, but they are not able to give you a definitive answer.

Use the help feature of the online slot machine 

Older online slots don’t display the RTP. Most of the latest online slots provide this information. You can verify the payout by going to the help section of an online slot.

Sometimes, you may play games that have a multiple-page help screen. You must scroll until the repayment percentage is revealed.

Some online slot developers include the RTP on the help screen of their most recent titles. Thunderkick Quickspin and NetEnt can be cited as examples.

Find out more about online slot makers 

You may not have thought to do this, but choosing a slot game from a reputable developer or provider will greatly impact your gaming experience. Different slot games can be of a different quality. Just like the difference between Nike and Reebok shoes. You can also find out the RTP by visiting the home page of the slots manufacturer.

offers huge payouts. If you don’t like the idea of being forced to play slot machines from bad developers where the only payouts are in the bonus rounds, then choose reputable manufacturers.

You can ask Casinos through their email 

Email a Casino to ask about the RTP of a specific slot machine. Customer support says they do not have access to these data. You can sometimes get this information by emailing a developer. You shouldn’t depend on this strategy all the time. If you are desperate to find out the RTP of a particular slot, it’s worth trying emailing them.


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