Expert analysis: evaluating NHL consensus picks after 72 season games


For each ten or so games, I check how well each team did if $100 was bet on all of their games. Then I look at all of the teams’ numbers to see who is best and worst. The Sports Betting Blog has the six most recent articles. You can find the odds that I keep track of to maintain this data at Sportsbetting-Don’t Miss 75% up to $1000 Bonus.


NHL has reached the end of its season. As teams begin to secure playoff positions, other teams have been officially removed from the playoff race. Boston and Florida both only have 71 games played because a match was postponed earlier in the season due to bad weather. Each team has played a minimum of 72 games. As we near the end of the regular season, here is how the teams are ranked.

Top NHL Hockey Teams

Vegas Golden Knights

My betting list continues to feature the best expansion team in history. The Golden Knights will be in the playoffs soon. You would have earned $1944.10 if you had bet $100 each time the Golden Knights played. The Golden Knights is a team that you should bet on in the final stretch of the year.

Colorado Avalanche

This season, the Avalanche has made a remarkable turnaround. Colorado finished last in the NHL during last year’s season. The Avalanche now occupy a position in the wildcard. If you had bet $100 each time Colorado played, you would have earned $1311.56. In the coming weeks, as they attempt to secure their playoff spot, you can expect Avalanche players to play their best.

Nashville Predators

Predators are the first to have secured a place in this year’s playoffs. Nashville is the top-ranked team in the NHL. If you had bet $100 per game, Nashville would have paid out $1300.08 to you. Nashville’s recent form has improved. The team has won 14 of its last 15 games.

Bottom NHL Hockey Teams

Montreal Canadiens

Both the Canadiens’ standings and betting figures have dropped dramatically. Montreal has lost $2348.70 to bets of $100 per game. The Canadiens struggled throughout the entire season. This is unfortunate because they were first in their division last year.

Chicago Blackhawks

Blackhawks Dynasty is falling apart. Chicago was a model for excellence in the past decade, but they haven’t been able to play very well this season. You would lose $1592.61 if you had bet $100 each time the Blackhawks played. Chicago should be avoided for the remainder of the season with free NHL consensus picks.

Arizona Coyotes

Coyotes are on the list, but not at as low a position as in last year’s list. Arizona would still have cost you $1539.03 if you had bet $100 each game. Coyotes are going to try and finish their rebuilding in the offseason.

NHL Hockey Teams with the Biggest Changes

Columbus Blue Jackets

Blue Jackets are on fire as they enter the last stretch of the regular season. Columbus won nine consecutive games. Blue Jackets’ loss would be $728.58. If you had bet $100 to win on every game, Columbus would now have paid you out $38.66. Columbus chose the right time to get hot as the playoffs approached.

Dallas Stars

Dallas is going in a different direction than the Blue Jackets. During my previous article, the Stars were still in contention for playoffs. The Stars have dropped a few points out of the playoff picture. You would have made $54.21 if you had bet $100 during the last time I wrote about Stars. If you had bet on every game, you’d have earned $620.79. If they win a few games, the Stars can still save their season.

Philadelphia Flyers

The Flyers, like the Stars, have also picked the wrong time to be in a slump. If you had bet $100 to win all of their games in the last article, you would have earned $376.63. If you had bet on their entire schedule, then you would have won $376.63. If they are to maintain their position in the playoffs, then the Flyers must improve.

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