Tips To Win in Online Fish Shooting Game

The online fish shooting game is popular for its simplicity and beautiful graphical interface. You can win amazing prices without necessarily having lots of experience.

Playing fish shooting game is just as fun for professionals as it is for beginners. With some tips, you can collect lots of coins without spending a lot of your own. Stop relying on luck and take advantage of these helpful tips:

1. Shoot Enough Bullets

If you work with enough bullets, the fish will die. This is a simple yet highly effective strategy. Sacrificing your bullets may not always seem like a good idea, but it is. If, for example, there are four players and everyone else shoots a fish, everyone has just one shot.

If you use more bullets, you have more shots of killing the fish. However, you should always keep in mind the number of bullets for every fish. If you are wondering how to win money at เกมยิงปลา คืออะไร this is one of the most important tips to have in mind.

2. Employ the Moustache Technique

If you are like most players, you probably want to focus on the big fish. While shooting the small fish may not seem like the best idea, it can be part of your strategy. Focusing solely on big fish is risky. You are likely to lose a lot of your money. Consider shooting slowly and consistently turning barrel. Shoot one by one and use one, two, or three tablets for big fish. 

Note that stray bullets do not earn you any points. It doesn’t matter whether you kill big or small fish. Make the most of the small angle of the shot machine. You can ensure that two bullets don’t go in the same direction by turning the barrel, hence minimizing your losses. 

The advantage of this technique is that it presents higher chance of killing the fish. Since your bullets go in different directions, you have higher chances of hitting different fish. 

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